BB Riefner

Short Stories

B. B. Riefner short stories have been published in Iconoclast (#94) and Stress City, a collection of writing by "51 D.C. guys" edited by Richard Peabody, Paycock Press.

Story Collections Average 125 -150 pages each.

The Nightmares (1 through 10)

Unlike dreams one cannot stop, interrupt or change a nightmare. However, not all nightmares are terrifying. This collection follows the life of Street Norris from when as a twelve year old he witnesses a cat murdered and deserts formal religion forever, through the trials of learning who he is and what his relationship to others is. He learns not to wait for the grandeur and misery of life to come to him.

The Nightmares (11 through 20)

Street Norris' life becomes more complex as he deserts his art for the responsibilities of love, loses contact with old friends and finds himself wondrously cast adrift to finally confront the paradoxes of maturity.

The twenty first nightmare is yours for the reading right now, a single sentence: In the stories, Street never manages to publish a single word during his entire life, but approximately six months after Street's death his wife mails a few of his short stories to several publishers; and a little over a year after that, his works are world renowned.

Slices from "The Pie" (8 Stories)

The Pie is actually Pie de la Cuesta, as fishing village twenty kilometers north of Acapulco, Mexico. The Pie is dangerously life threatening beach famous among body surfers. It also attracts "acts" beyond belief. The slices attempt to describe some of the events and people that stagger the mind and imagination.